Price Estimator


Grinding Stumps up to 36” in diameter $1.00 per inch
Grinding Stumps 36” to 48” in diameter $1.50 per inch
Grinding Stumps 48” to 60” in diameter $2.00 per inch
Grinding Stumps over 60” per quote $3.00 per inch and up
Large diameter stumps not cut low to ground prior to arrival subject to extra charges.

Haul away of debris are offered at an extra charge.

 *There is a $100.00 minimum for services, prices are subject to change due to accessibility and soil conditions*

Tree Cutting and Landscaping Services

 Although we do not cut trees or do landscaping we do work with many companies that are licensed and insured we recommend.

Please contact us for recommendations if interested.


 Affordable Stump Services is not responsible for damage to underground utilities or accessories.  Customer is responsible for marking underground utilities or accessories, i.e. electric, water, gas, phone, sprinkler system, lighting, etc.

Customer is encouraged to contact the Georgia Utilities Protection Center  or call 811 for free underground utility locating and marking prior to service.